Step 1

First, I adhered the stencil of the emblem’s main part (the foil has a glue good enough to try to put in on the model several times in case we don't manage to do it immediately). Next, I adhered the outer sketch, careful to make the slit between the stencils of equal width at all points. A practical remark: if the foil becomes wrinkled after it is adhered to the model do not try to stretch it. Instead you may unglue it and adhere again.

Step 2

After adjusting those two elements, I unglued the emblem’s main part (it Gould be used in next steps) leaving only the outer sketch on the model. Because I use acrylic paints and a yellow Pactra is rather transparent I used a white undercoat. This refers to the emblem and the number behind the cockpit as well as the numbers on the rudder. All surfaces around the emblems and numbers should be protected from the paint from the aerograph before the painting begins.

Step 3

After painting the white undercoat I painted the first emblem colour and serial numer. While painting the numbers the effect was visible immediately.

Step 4

After the yellow paint dries it’s time for red. A suitable stencil’s element was adhered where the emblem was supposed to stay yellow. Next I laid on the red paint. It is important to adjust those elements inside the main stencil to avoid other mask elements not fitting inside.

Step 5

In this step the area to remain red is covered. For that we use a suitable element of the stencil. Now we can lay on white paint, which is used to fill the bird’s eye. Adter the white paint dries I adhere a suitable mask, which masks the white eye.

Step 6

After masking the white eye we put the black paint to mark the colours’ borders. After the painting and masking I was pretty nervous about the final effect.

And this is what I saw after ungluing all the masks and stencils…